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Thank you for taking the time to support young people like Dylan. 

Dylan was abandoned by his mother when he was a young baby and spent his entire childhood in institutional settings and foster homes. There was usually violence in his house and Dylan was never able to integrate into his community, because he was continuously moved. As soon as he settled in one place, his life was uprooted and he was left feeling alone and unloved.

When Dylan arrived at Lighthouse he was offered the safety and support he’d been searching for.

He was provided 24/7 care, 365 days a year in a Lighthouse home. Live-in Carers became integral supports for Dylan and our Psychological Wellness Program provided him, and the other young people in his home, with therapeutic care to address his trauma. Being surrounded by a positive community made a huge difference to his life.

Unfortunately, Dylan’s story isn’t isolated. There are many just like his.

You can read more stories of our young people, including Dylan’s full story, via this link.

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